What Will The Video Game Industry Look Like In 10 Years?

Despite the technological advances of the past few decades in terms of computing power, the video game industry has remained relatively the same. The three biggest console makers: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been unchallenged for the past two decades after the demise of Sega. While consoles have improved in power, graphics capability and size, they all still seem pretty similar to twenty years ago. The controllers have remained relatively the same and there haven’t been many truly groundbreaking games, until now. We look at a few predictions at what the video game industry will look like in 10 years.

Consoles will lose a lot of ground to mobile games

This has already started happening with games being played on smartphones and tablets taking a bigger share of the market from console games. The same may not be true for PC gamers for whom graphic power takes precedence, but mobile games are already huge in terms of their prevalence. Could we see smartphone gaming overtake consoles in terms of popularity? All signs appear to suggest so!

Blockchain gaming popularity will explode!

We are seeing this already with cheap games consoles such as Axie Infinity which are play-to-earn games. There is a huge incentive here for people to play these games as they can earn money from doing so, as we have seen in developing countries where players have been earning more than the minimum wage by playing such games. There are so many blockchain games being developed right now and we can expect that the biggest video game publishers will soon hop on the bandwagon.

There won’t be any more cheap games consoles released

The recent shortage in microchips has been attributed to the increased demand globally not just for consoles, but in all areas of technology such as smartphones, TVs and even cars. This increasing scarcity means that prices will inevitably rise and it will no longer be viable to develop and sell cheap consoles, especially as smartphones get more powerful. We have seen high demand for the recently released PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and these consoles are not cheap, so it would be unrealistic to expect future prices to get cheaper.

Virtual reality games will become more prominent

These have been a long time coming and honestly, ten years ago we expected them to be the norm right now, but aside from Oculus, there are not many mainstream VR gaming options. As technology gets more powerful and condensed into smaller chipsets, VR games will be a lot more viable and popular, especially if they are developed with current big-name titles such as GTA and Call of Duty, to name just two.

These points are just a few predictions of what we can expect to happen with the video gaming industry over the next decade based on current trends. A lot can happen within this period of time, however, so we can certainly expect to see something game-changing within this time, but what that is is anyone’s guess at the moment!