Best Websites for Online Courses 2021

The past two years have had a profound effect on the world – in the way we work, do business, communicate and more. The pandemic has forced upon us a new set of rules for social interaction, sped up certain methods and mediums for learning, and put things into perspective for many. The requirements for social distancing and pause on face-to-face classes for an extended period of time led to many people moving to a work-from-home setup and students having classes online. In what may prove to be a big shakeup for education in the long term, many people will likely continue to take up online courses as opposed to traditional education as they are often cheaper, more convenient and more varied. Below we look at some of the best online courses for 2021.


If you’ve watched some informational videos on Youtube, chances are that video will have been sponsored by Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community which are made up of educational videos. If you want to learn about animation, design or even writing, Skillshare has a course for you. Its website is very nicely laid out and the videos are all high quality and progressive. The courses are great for those who prefer learning from practice rather than theory.


This site is considered the leader in online courses at the moment and compared to Skillshare it has a bigger variety of courses and topics available. While Skillshare is mainly centred around creative subjects, Udemy covers the same and more. You can find courses on photography, marketing, music and IT. There are stories of many developers, for example, starting out by learning coding from Udemy courses and ending up building apps, websites and even software such as meeting room bookers.

Udemy can also very be very affordable. If you baulk at the course prices in the hundreds of dollars, be a little patient and you can often find them for as low as ten dollars the next time there is a promotion.


Another huge online course provider, Coursera has courses from many top universities and companies from around the world such as Imperial College London, Google and Facebook. The great thing about Coursera is the certificates you attain after completing courses are recognised by many multinational companies and institutions, making you more employable.

More expensive than the other two online course providers mentioned, Coursera uses a subscription-based model that some would argue encourages you to actually complete courses considering how much time and money you will have put into them.

So here are our best websites for online courses in 2021. There are a wealth of opportunities and options that were once reserved only for traditional university students and employees of huge companies. Online courses are no longer the future but are the now.